HayranModels is a Diecast company.

We order internationally too. Accept it via Western Union, moneygram etc. Please Contact us. We ship with FREE SHIPPING to every part of the world.

We sell 1/18 scale, 1/24 scale, 1/32 scale, 1/40 scale, 1/43 scale, model cars and motorcycles. Our cars involve automobiles, camions, trucks, buses, vans, suv models and off road truck models.

Hayran Models has always been about having fun.

For over 10 years families have been coming to the shop to find fun hobbies and things to do. Our Mission has always been to provide our customers with friendly, knowledgeable and professional service in a clean, well merchandised store that provides fair prices and the most pleasant shopping experience for hobby and toy items anywhere. This mission has now been extended to include our on-line presence which means that, just because you shop with us on the web, it doesn’t mean that our values for customer service gets lost in cyberspace like so many other on-line stores.

Here at Hayran Models we’re real people doing real hobbies and crafts so we’re the best suited to answer all of your questions and bring the right products to you.

HAYRAN MODELS * Quality Original * Istanbul * Türkiye


Hayran Models, bir die cast metal model markasıdır. Istanbul merkezli olarak çalışan firmamız, Türkiye ve tüm dünyaya kargo aracılığıyla ürün tedarik etmektedir. Bütün ürünlerimiz LİSANSLI ÜRÜNLERDİR.

Who is Hayran Models

We are passionate about the products we sell and you will find in store a big variety of products. We started in İstanbul in 2012. In the beginning we stocked all kinds of hobbies and started very small in diecast model cars. Soon we made up our mind that Quality Original is what we must concentrate on. We have over the years made many hearts happy with their purchase.

We do daily website or WhatsApp orders and our on-line store is growing daily. If you are not comfortable ordering online, contact us via WhatsApp 0507 431 0786 or e-mail: hayranmodels@gmail.com and we will send you pictures and take it from there.

We are known for our very attractive window displays, variety of products we stock and our service on the diecast models we sell. We can only thank our loyal customers for making this possible. This is definitely the shop for Quality Original We do daily international wide deliveries and our on-line store is growing daily.

We have been actively involved in diecast car racing nationally and internationally. Our profressional team always had a passion from a very young age for model cars.

We always try to spread our range to give the customer a choice to fulfil their dreams. We do have a vast variety to satisfy the hobbyist, and the person that is just looking for something to keep them occupied. It does not only satisfy the creativity in you, but also satisfy need for collection, flying satisfaction and a collector’s dream. We do specialise in diecast model cars, trucks, automobiles, Radio Control cars, planes, helicopters, quad copters, boats and motorbikes. and keep the spare parts and do repair on the makes we sell. We do have a large variety in Diecast, Plastic and Wooden models.

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